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Bombas de Pistão Radial R e RG

Bombas de Pistão Radial R e RG

Model: R, RG
Nomen-clature: Radial piston pump
Design: Single pump ; dual-stage pump
pmax700 bar
Qmax91.2 l/min
Vg64.18 cm³/rev


Product description

Radial piston pumps are a type of hydraulic pump. They consist of valve-controlled pump cylinders that are arranged radially.

The radial piston pump type R and RG has a closed pump housing. Therefore, besides use as a motor pump outside an oil tank, installation in the container of a hydraulic power pack is also possible. The radial piston pump is available with several pressure outlets which enable the same or several different flows. The radial piston pump type RG has plain bearings which have a longer storage life. This type is therefore used in extreme operating conditions.

Extremely high volumetric flows can be achieved by arranging up to 6 radials in parallel. When the radial piston pump is used in the hydraulic power pack, it is suitable for use as a highly compact control system. Connection blocks and valve banks can be mounted on the cover plate of the hydraulic power packs.

Features and benefits:

  • High level of efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Max. 14 separate pressure outlets
  • Available from the modular product range as a hydraulic power pack with valve banks

Intended applications:

  • Press construction
  • Jig construction
  • Testing and laboratory devices
  • Lubricating systems
Catálogo Técnico Bombas de Pistão Radial Hawe – Tipo R e RG

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